Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've been wanting to make a chalkboard for my pantry door, but my door is quite narrow so last week I was on the hunt for a rectangle frame at garage sales, and here is what I found
$1.00, can't beat that! but it looked a bit boring!! so I decided to add this

Then I had to decide on a color, so I thought this would be good, and it was on sale  .77 cents

So I just sprayed over the picture a few times with chalkboard paint, now this is where I had to bite the bullet and spend 7.99 but......I was thinking since I had so much left I can maybe make one for the garage or ????
So after spraying it you have to let it dry over night and then season it by rubbing chalk all over it, then wiping it off. Here is the finished product

And Now here is where I hung it!

I just love Yard sales!!

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